Broad spectrum of methods

To uncover not only rational opinions but also buried motives and emotions, we offer a wide range of offline and online research methods and instruments.

Customized research designs

Every research project is unique. That’s why The Insight Zoo develops a specific, customized research design for each and every issue in order to arrive at the best possible results.

Classic approaches

The classic methods include in-depth interviews, focus groups, workshops, ethnographic designs (e.g. in-homes, digital diaries) and web communities. As a rule, they are combined with proven research methods like e.g. associative, projective and laddering techniques as well as role playing.

Specific and innovative approaches

To answer deeper questions we employ complex, innovative and rather unusual methods of exploration such as psychodrama, brand constellations, relationship analogies, objective hermeneutics, and hypnosis and trance techniques. This also allows us to decode implicit as well as unconscious aspects.

Quantifying and instrument-based approaches

Depending on the object and purpose of research, The Insight Zoo (additionally) uses quantifying tools like pictograms, differentials and scales within online or telephone surveys. Or we build on instrument-based methods like eye-tracking.

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