Psychological marketing research

Brand, product, communication, target group

The Insight Zoo specializes in the application of psychological research methods to answer a wide range of questions on brands, products, communication and target groups.

Psychological research techniques

The Insight Zoo identifies relevant motives and drivers & barriers of your target groups. We provide you with implementation-relevant recommendations on how to optimize consumer targeting and brand differentiation. The Insight Zoo investigates your B2B and B2C markets and carves out the decisive forces and success factors. We reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the market players and prepare scenarios of the present as well as future opportunities and threats.

360-degree understanding of consumers

A key challenge is to understand not only consumer’s rational arguments but also their irrational, emotional and unconscious drivers, and how these impact their perceptions and decision processes. It is further necessary to know the motives guiding the consumer’s actions and their individual reward structures as well as how they perceive themselves and want to be perceived by others. Without this knowledge, productive and efficient marketing is not possible.

Implementation-relevant insights

We speak psychology and we speak marketing. Being able to translate complex psychological learnings into our clients’ language is one of The Insight Zoo’s key competencies. We reveal opportunities for fine-tuning and optimization, which our clients find plausible, comprehensible and easy to put into practice.

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